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Join us on our most popular night for a little taste of the wild, wild west. Experience one of the oldest cowboy traditions that is bull riding. Of-course we tried getting a real bull in our cabaret but it wasn’t to be so we got the next best thing, our very own mechanical bull. So while you are watching your friends get tossed around, put your smart phones in your pockets and occupy your hands with one of our great drink specials.

$1.99 pints of Pilsner… need we say more. It’s a day before the weekend celebrations start but you cant wait to loosen up from the mundane nine to five. Well if you are looking for an excuse to party early this is the mother of them. $1.99 for a pint of Pilsner. I couldn’t believe it so I had to say it twice.

TGIF! That’s right, its Friday night. You have been waiting all week to put your dancing boots and cowboy hats on. If you still have work in the back of your mind let us help you with one of our many Cowgirls Gone Wild specials like shots of Alize or Hpnotiq for $3.25 or double Long Islands for only $4.25… and fellas if you think the specials don’t have any drinks you like we got three words for you. Cowgirls, Gone, Wild.

Saturday night is the night to be at Rooster Country Cabaret. We have Apple Bombs for $6.25 and double Long Islands for $6.75 so what are you waiting for. Get your cowboy boots and cowboy hats on before I send the bull to your house.